Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bunting Cards - what a great idea Cath!


Like most of us out there who love to sew I have a terribly large useful box of scrap fabrics that I am constantly ADDING to but never using....they are just so pretty - who can throw those tiny little pieces away?

Anyway my good sewing friend Cath at eatplaysew has given me inspiration to go forth and use my the form of 'bunting cards' so I had a go and made two out of a piece of white card I found...then I made some more!!!

I'm going to use them as birthday invitations for Thomas's 2nd birthday which I think will be so cute. I might have to send one to myself!

Thanks again Cath, although I think I will need to make around another million cards to use up all my scraps.

Caity x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Practical and Easy-to-Make Barbie House for a Little Girl

Creative Ideas:

Barbie House With Doors Open

This was an old cabinet that I'd had from years ago. It doesn't even have both drawers! (hence the books in the top!)

I painted it inside and out, and turned it into a barbie house for my little girl.

She shuts the cabinet when she's finished playing.... and then it all looks neat and tidy! The cabinet is also her bedside table, so it works well with its various purposes.

Barbie House with Doors Shut

Happy making!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Things for my baby boy's bedroom

Home Decorating / Sewing:

Hello, I'm Emma and I'm a friend of Caity's who also likes making things. My particular area of interest is home decorating.... especially doing things on a tight budget.

This is how I recently decorated my baby boy's room.

I painted one feature wall, and made a bunting, simple quilt and a mat for the change table using fabric from Spotlight.

The meatsafe and lamp I already had, and the mirror on the wall was a cheap floor-stand mirror that I bought years ago.

I wanted something soft and calming for a boy...... not the usual primary colour clashes!! I like the result and so does my baby... he sleeps well in his room!!

Happy decorating!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ethan's Play Quilt


Ok it's taken a while - but I'm a little slow at working out this 'blog thing' - to those who know me IT has never been my strong point.

So here is a quilt I have just made for my little nephew - his mummy loves green and I love blue so its a great little combo of colours for a boy.

Caity x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Where did the weekend go?

It's been a crazy busy weekend with no sewing - a little cooking ( chiili jam from my dad's chillis) and lots of work in the garden- did manage to get to ikea though and spend up on storage boxes - how fun! So Sunday night again and making my sewing wishlist for the week.

Just getting started with the blog!

Caity x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sewing cupboard mess

Hello! this is my first blog - am having a sewing drama - my sewing cupboard is SEW messy i need to clean it out before i can find any real inspiration. I have been seeing photos from lots of friends lately with all their amazing creations which seem to fall under the following categories:

1. have made and look great
2. are making and i want one
3. are about to make and i now think i need to make one too!

It's a serious case of sewing anxiety - have goal to clean out cupboard this week and will show you some photos of before and after...

Caity x