Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bunting Cards - what a great idea Cath!


Like most of us out there who love to sew I have a terribly large useful box of scrap fabrics that I am constantly ADDING to but never using....they are just so pretty - who can throw those tiny little pieces away?

Anyway my good sewing friend Cath at eatplaysew has given me inspiration to go forth and use my the form of 'bunting cards' so I had a go and made two out of a piece of white card I found...then I made some more!!!

I'm going to use them as birthday invitations for Thomas's 2nd birthday which I think will be so cute. I might have to send one to myself!

Thanks again Cath, although I think I will need to make around another million cards to use up all my scraps.

Caity x


  1. Love it!! you've gone crazy! now you have to make matching large size bunting for the party...

  2. Get yourself some white Chinese noodle boxes and 'bunting' those as lolly bags.