Thursday, 28 April 2011

Birdies for Baby Bronte


This is Nat here, Catherine's (aka Caity) sister in law. Catherine asked me to post pictures here of the felt bird mobile I made for my friend's baby girl.

I've always been a big admirer of people who have design flair and the talent to make things like the beautiful items in this blog. Catherine's mum Mary makes stunning quilts so you can just imagine how much I wish I could make things to really feel like an "Otto".

This bird mobile is the first crafty thing I've made (unless you count those long stitches that were popular when we were kids).

Google taught me how to blanket stitch.

It took a while to figure out which coloured wing should go on each body. These were the only pink and green felt options at Spotlight.

I found a picture of beads hanging from felt animals so I thought that would add a nice touch.

Here is the mobile all packaged up and ready to give to Bronte.

Bronte was even wearing pink and green for our visit, and those two colours just happened to be the colours chosen for her nursery. Lucky!

Thanks for asking me to post here Catherine. I can't wait to see what you both add to your blog next!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Little Bubba Blue Strip Quilt


I have been admiring the simplicity of the strip quilt style for a while now - but not wanting to commit to a large one I needed some pressing reason to make one.

Lucky for me my mother-in-law helps out in a local charity stall selling all sorts of handmade baby gifts so when she mentioned they are always keen for more items I thought that’s all the reason I need.

It was a very simple quilt to make. I just pulled out my collection of blue fabrics (which is growing by the day) and tried to get a collection in lovely calming blue prints.

For the quilting I did the simple no-brainer straight lines.

I’m very happy with the result and hopefully whoever buys it at the charity stall loves it as much as I do.

Caity x

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wood Off-Cut Wall Hanging


I made this the other day using off-cuts of wood from a deck that we recently had added to our house.

Some bits of wood had been left outside for a while (the grey bits), and other bits I had collected and put on the verandah ages ago, in readiness to make something.

I also had a tile or two floating around so I added them as well!! I used Liquid Nails to glue them onto a thick sheet of plywood that I bought at my local hardware.

At the moment I've got this wall hanging inside, but it would actually make a nice outdoor picture for an eating area or something.

Happy making!


Monday, 18 April 2011

Welcome Beautiful Leo


I made this quilt for my good friend Sal's 'pending' (at the time) bub, hedging my bets that this could work for a girl or boy.

I love these bright colours for a baby, he will enjoy looking at all the different prints...with butterflies, poppies, bubbles, stripes and spots!

Little Leo, sleeping like a baby.

And here he enjoying his quilt with his proud big brother Toby.

You may start to see a 'square' theme emerging soon for a lot of my quilts - to cut a long story short it has to do with a rather LARGE calculation error in cutting up squares for a zig zag quilt I'm currently making myself - lets just say there are plenty of squares to come........and I'm open for ideas on how to use up squares in other ways than....SQUARES.

Note: I'm super lazy at the moment to do much cutting up of the squares!

Caity x

Friday, 15 April 2011

A Favourite-Toy Children's Book

Creative Ideas:

This is a really easy-to-make present that your child will love!

One day I was in a shopping centre viewing the endless amounts of off-the-shelf children's toys, and I realised that what I really wanted for my child was something original, educational, enjoyable and cheap to make.

So I went home and put together a book of photos using my little girl's favourite toy at the time. I had to wait until she was asleep (of course!! otherwise it spoils it!)... then I "borrowed" her toy and had a great time taking photos in different situations!

I just printed them out on my home printer and put them in an A5 size photo book... but you could make your book as flash as you like!

The possibilities are endless, really!! My little girl has since spent hours "reading" her book and talking about what her toy is doing. Here are a few examples of the photos I took....

Lambie playing the piano

Lambie reading a story

Lambie digging in the sandpit

You'll enjoy this one!


Sunday, 10 April 2011

A low cost bathroom makeover!

Home Decorating:

I recently completed a very low cost renovation of a cottage on the property where I live.

For the bathroom, I basically scrubbed it from top to bottom, filled in all the gaps, painted the walls, the bath and the shower surround (which was laminate), and changed the flooring.

I didn't want to spend the money getting a new vanity, so I made a curtain to hide the ugly bits.

I also didn't want to have to buy new taps so I made sure the material I used would work with them.

I just used items that I already had to decorate the bathroom.

The only new thing I purchased was the lettering from Spotlight, and left it unpainted. I am very pleased with the result!! Here are some 'before' and 'after' photos...

Happy decorating!


Friday, 8 April 2011

Swimming Fish Quilt


I started this quilt when Thomas was about 6 months old with a plan it would be for his 1st birthday….(he is turning 2 in about 7 weeks' time!)

It was inspired by this picture I saw of paper fish – I loved the image of the beautiful little fish all swimming one way and then the lone fish in a bright colour swimming against the stream…

I drafted a template of the fish and divided it into 3 sections for the head, body and tail and then made up a variety of green stripes and then cut out the fish from these stripes and tacked them down with a rough running stitch.

With the help of mum (after I ruined the first go) I pieced together 3 different blue spots in varying sizes to give the effect of waves for the background.

I hand appliqued all the fish on to the background (a laborious task to say the least) and used cute mother of pearl buttons for the fish’s eyes.

For the quilting I used the pearl cotton in the style from the Material Obsession girls as I didn’t want to be quilting this forever… the quilting shows up really nicely I think and was so quick and easy I definitely am enjoying this quilting as another way to get things finished! I also quilting a few scales on the fish using green cotton to bring out the fish a bit more.

I used the green binding on advice from Cath. Anyway here are a few snaps of the finished quilt – I am so happy with it, and as you can see so is Thomas!

PS - the reason most of these photos look far better than in previous posts is thanks to my sister-in-law Nat! thanks Nat - good photos make all the difference!

Caity x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bright and Easy Canvas Pictures


These are made out of small canvases that can be purchased most places these days.

I used paint left over from painting feature walls in my house. Use some baking paper to trace your design onto each canvas, then rotate them so that each circle is not sitting the same way.

You'll need about five different colours that match together relatively well.

You could also try this in other colours like blacks and greys....... or use bigger canvases..... whatever matches the room that it is going into!

Happy painting!


Friday, 1 April 2011

The 'Poppy' Brooch


A while back I made the petal pillow from Cluck Cluck Sew and given my propensity to miscalculate when undertaking any sort of mathematical task I found myself with half a dozen left over petals….

I turned them into a really cute little ‘poppy’ brooch for Em’s little girl - Poppy!

It was pretty easy if you want to try - I just put a pleat in the base of each ‘petal’ and then did a basic running stitch to hold this pleat in place and thread them all in a line.

From there I just gathered up the thread so that the petals came together in a flower and sewed it to a brooch pin.

Added a little covered button I had made and there is your poppy brooch.

Hope you love it as much as Poppy does!

Caity x

Tea Towel Pictures


Tea towels often have really nice designs on them and can look good on walls!

Recently I bought one (to use as a tea towel!), but after I washed it, the writing on it started to peel away and look all scratchy. It would have been a waste to throw it out.... so I cut it up and made some pictures out of it!

These frames are from Ikea. Placing the two pictures together makes more of a visual impact, and I liked them so much that I even matched the colour of my office feature wall to the tea towel! (my office is in the background of this photo).

This was a really simple and cheap project.

Happy making!