Friday, 8 April 2011

Swimming Fish Quilt


I started this quilt when Thomas was about 6 months old with a plan it would be for his 1st birthday….(he is turning 2 in about 7 weeks' time!)

It was inspired by this picture I saw of paper fish – I loved the image of the beautiful little fish all swimming one way and then the lone fish in a bright colour swimming against the stream…

I drafted a template of the fish and divided it into 3 sections for the head, body and tail and then made up a variety of green stripes and then cut out the fish from these stripes and tacked them down with a rough running stitch.

With the help of mum (after I ruined the first go) I pieced together 3 different blue spots in varying sizes to give the effect of waves for the background.

I hand appliqued all the fish on to the background (a laborious task to say the least) and used cute mother of pearl buttons for the fish’s eyes.

For the quilting I used the pearl cotton in the style from the Material Obsession girls as I didn’t want to be quilting this forever… the quilting shows up really nicely I think and was so quick and easy I definitely am enjoying this quilting as another way to get things finished! I also quilting a few scales on the fish using green cotton to bring out the fish a bit more.

I used the green binding on advice from Cath. Anyway here are a few snaps of the finished quilt – I am so happy with it, and as you can see so is Thomas!

PS - the reason most of these photos look far better than in previous posts is thanks to my sister-in-law Nat! thanks Nat - good photos make all the difference!

Caity x

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this quilt Caity. It is superb. And I'm liking your new improved photos! I'm thinking of purchasing a new fancy camera for the express purpose of blog photos....hmm.