Monday, 18 April 2011

Welcome Beautiful Leo


I made this quilt for my good friend Sal's 'pending' (at the time) bub, hedging my bets that this could work for a girl or boy.

I love these bright colours for a baby, he will enjoy looking at all the different prints...with butterflies, poppies, bubbles, stripes and spots!

Little Leo, sleeping like a baby.

And here he enjoying his quilt with his proud big brother Toby.

You may start to see a 'square' theme emerging soon for a lot of my quilts - to cut a long story short it has to do with a rather LARGE calculation error in cutting up squares for a zig zag quilt I'm currently making myself - lets just say there are plenty of squares to come........and I'm open for ideas on how to use up squares in other ways than....SQUARES.

Note: I'm super lazy at the moment to do much cutting up of the squares!

Caity x

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  1. We love love love our quilt! We have it out every day - for Leo to play on, or to put over him to keep him warm. I've finally bought him a cot (poor little thing, the second baby didn't get his nursery set up before his birth - we've been winging it!) so the quilt will look gorgeous as a bed spread once he moves into it. Thank you Caity! xo