Monday, 30 May 2011

Big, Basic and Bright Canvas


This type of project is a really easy and cheap way to fill the spaces on your walls!!

I think this canvas cost me approx. $20, and I had the paint left over from feature walls and other jobs. Just choose a background colour that you like, then fill the space with simple shapes or lines... or whatever you like.

If you were not sure about painting something freehand, you could trace an object onto your canvas (for example, a tree-branch or a plate).

Happy painting!


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Family of Appliqued Birds Cushion


I made this little cushion for my bed taking inspiration from helkatdesign. Changing it from a screen print to an appliqué.

First I sketched the baby birds and the mummy bird onto some baking paper (the poor baking paper gets far more use for sewing purposes than it does for baking at my place).

Next I cut out 5 little birds and 1 mummy bird using scraps in a variety of blue prints (scraps were first ironed onto vliesofix to secure them).

From there it was simply just ironing them into place on some natural linen and a zig zag stitch around each bird to secure them to the linen. The birds were finished with a french knot for the eye and some back stitching for the legs in DMC white pearl cotton.

They make such a cute little family and now sit happily on my bed.

I also made a mini version for my god-daughter Beth for her birthday which was really really cute!

Note: Beautiful photos by Nat.

Caity x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Little Bit of Zig Zag Sunshine


More baby quilts! I love them for a thousand reasons....

1.     they are quick
2.     they are so cute
3.     I get to use all lovely fabrics and
4.     they are quick ;)

To make this quilt I used up a few more ‘leftover’ fabrics from my illustrious mega zig zag quilt I am making myself and is now sitting quietly neglected in my sewing cupboard.

This was really quick to make - I made the entire thing in a morning (minus the hand sewing for the binding..)

It was a gift for friends who live in North Queensland little bub so I thought a nice bright yellow and white would be lovely!

Machine quitling was simply following the zig zag pattern - efective and quick and most importantly not taxing on my brain!

Caity x

Monday, 23 May 2011

A Non-Quilter's Cot Quilt


This is a really simple little quilt that I made for a cot. I purchased the fabrics from Spotlight and matched them myself.

I wasn't sure what to do with the edges so I just used scraps to give it a border. I used a big bit of the flowery material for the backing (you could also use a sheet).

Obviously I am not a quilter (Caity's the talented one!), but providing you can sew in a straight line.... it's easy to make something very basic like this!

Happy quilting


Friday, 20 May 2011

Simple Cloud Singlet


I made this cute little cloud singlet for my man in about 20 minutes - simple, cute and ..well so so CUTE!

Simply find a design you want to use (I found my cloud image on the internet) and iron your fabric onto a piece of vliesofix, cut out the image and iron it onto the singlet and zig zag around.

Tip: To make sewing onto a stretchy fabric easier it’s a good idea to first iron some interfacing to the inside of the singlet. This will stop it pulling when you are completing the zig zag stitch around the image.

Caity x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Simple Pear Design Picture


This is a painting that I did yesterday using inspiration from the millions of 'retro pear' designs around.

It's going to hang in the house of a friend of mine who has a living room with red and navy furniture.

I'm also going to do an apple picture in the opposite colours to this one (i.e. navy canvas and red apple) in the coming weeks to match!

Happy painting!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Log Cabin Needle Case


I have recently returned from a family holiday to Adelaide visiting friends and logging in some good sewing hours with Cath from Eat Play Sew.

Neither of us had ever tried a log cabin so thought we might tackle it together - me armed with my tiny bag of scraps (not much room in a suitcase for fabric sadly when you are packing for 2 adults and a toddler) and Cath armed with her glorious scrap box (ever noticed you are lusting after others' fabrics?).

I wasn’t keen on starting another mammoth project which was likely to remain uncompleted in my sewing cupboard for months (ok years), so I decided to make a little needle case.

It was a very random approach - no trimming up or measuring straight lines - just an ‘as you please’ approach.

I lined the inside with more scraps and even managed to use up some of those left over bits of wadding for the lining of the needle case - proving nothing goes to waste in sewing!

To finish it off I quilted around the log cabins in pearl cotton and then attached 2 pieces of flannel to the centre for the needles.

I also made another one for Cath in lovely blues, greys and pinks using her scrap box!

Caity x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Raw Edge Circles Quilt


I am a slow quilter, correction, I am a slow sewer ....I am however very good at STARTING projects, just not as enthusiastic at finishing them.

But the Raw Edge Circle Quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew made me so excited I whipped up the quilt top over a weekend! (which is very impressive by my standards).

It was a really fun quilt to make and I played around with the colours for so long trying to make sure I didn’t have any darker or lighter patches - which from the photos I still appear to have a few. How DOES that happen?

My mum finished this quilt off for me by generously doing all the machine quilting (which reminds me I think I was supposed to get her a ‘thank you’ gift).

Note: Photos by Nat.

Caity x

Monday, 9 May 2011

Rustic Bird Mobile


After seeing Nat's beautiful Birdies for Baby Bronte on our blog the other day, I had an idea of what to do with a couple of decorative rustic birds that I'd purchased last year.

I'd had them hanging on door handles and other hooks but they were sort of getting in the way!!! Then I realised that I could make a mobile with them!

Because I'm quite a way out of town, I can't just duck to the shops for materials, so I had to use whatever is lying around the house. I went outside and picked up some sticks from the silver birch trees in my garden, then I got out my jute string (one of my FAVOURITE materials!) and tied them all together.

It's obviously VERY simple and rustic, but it looks quite nice hanging out my kitchen window.

Happy making!


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easy Lemon Butter & Vanilla Cupcakes


A few weeks ago we had a massive weekend gardening - which i mixed up with some baking just to keep the energy levels up (sound like a good excuse to me anyway) – the baking part was far more fun as it involved eating!

First off vanilla cupcakes with butter cream icing – they were so good – and doing all that gardening just made the justification for eating them that little bit easier :)

I also had a glut of lemons – courtesy of me not being able to walk past bags of lemons for 99c at my local grocers....don't they just look so pretty in a bowl?

So I thought I might dig out a great recipe for lemon butter that Em gave me a few years back……sorry I don’t know where the recipe has originated from, but Em said she was given it by a local girl near her - so thank you!

It's just delicious and super easy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Lemon Butter

4 egg yolks
2/3 cup caster sugar
60grams butter
2 teaspoons lemon zest
100mls lemon juice

1. Whisk egg yolks and sugar until smooth (not frothy).

2. Place all other ingredients into a heavy saucepan and add egg and sugar.

3. Stir constantly on a med/high on stove for 5 minutes and then remove. The mixture will still be thin, but it will set once it cools.

4. Cool and bottle.

Note: I find I double the recipe when I make this and it gives me 2 nice full jars (as in the photo below), I also add slightly more lemon zest as I enjoy the texture.

Note: Last photo by Nat again (thank you).

Caity x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Anthea's Key Picture


This is a picture that I put together recently for a friend. She had seen a photo that she liked of some old keys arranged in a frame... but was having trouble finding old keys to recreate it herself!

So I had a go creating someting for her with some drawings, cut-outs and words.

Unfortunately my image of the finished picture here isn't very good (I have already given the real one away!!)

The words in between the keys say things like garden shed... laundry... all those places that you use keys for.

Once she has the picture up in her house, I might ask her for a new photo!

Happy drawing!