Saturday, 28 May 2011

Family of Appliqued Birds Cushion


I made this little cushion for my bed taking inspiration from helkatdesign. Changing it from a screen print to an appliqué.

First I sketched the baby birds and the mummy bird onto some baking paper (the poor baking paper gets far more use for sewing purposes than it does for baking at my place).

Next I cut out 5 little birds and 1 mummy bird using scraps in a variety of blue prints (scraps were first ironed onto vliesofix to secure them).

From there it was simply just ironing them into place on some natural linen and a zig zag stitch around each bird to secure them to the linen. The birds were finished with a french knot for the eye and some back stitching for the legs in DMC white pearl cotton.

They make such a cute little family and now sit happily on my bed.

I also made a mini version for my god-daughter Beth for her birthday which was really really cute!

Note: Beautiful photos by Nat.

Caity x

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