Saturday, 14 May 2011

Log Cabin Needle Case


I have recently returned from a family holiday to Adelaide visiting friends and logging in some good sewing hours with Cath from Eat Play Sew.

Neither of us had ever tried a log cabin so thought we might tackle it together - me armed with my tiny bag of scraps (not much room in a suitcase for fabric sadly when you are packing for 2 adults and a toddler) and Cath armed with her glorious scrap box (ever noticed you are lusting after others' fabrics?).

I wasn’t keen on starting another mammoth project which was likely to remain uncompleted in my sewing cupboard for months (ok years), so I decided to make a little needle case.

It was a very random approach - no trimming up or measuring straight lines - just an ‘as you please’ approach.

I lined the inside with more scraps and even managed to use up some of those left over bits of wadding for the lining of the needle case - proving nothing goes to waste in sewing!

To finish it off I quilted around the log cabins in pearl cotton and then attached 2 pieces of flannel to the centre for the needles.

I also made another one for Cath in lovely blues, greys and pinks using her scrap box!

Caity x


  1. love them, my needles can't wait to hop into their new case! :)

  2. ps. I was jealous of YOUR scraps!!