Monday, 9 May 2011

Rustic Bird Mobile


After seeing Nat's beautiful Birdies for Baby Bronte on our blog the other day, I had an idea of what to do with a couple of decorative rustic birds that I'd purchased last year.

I'd had them hanging on door handles and other hooks but they were sort of getting in the way!!! Then I realised that I could make a mobile with them!

Because I'm quite a way out of town, I can't just duck to the shops for materials, so I had to use whatever is lying around the house. I went outside and picked up some sticks from the silver birch trees in my garden, then I got out my jute string (one of my FAVOURITE materials!) and tied them all together.

It's obviously VERY simple and rustic, but it looks quite nice hanging out my kitchen window.

Happy making!


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