Thursday, 30 June 2011

Little Birdies


The pattern for these little birds is from here - they looked so sweet, but I have to say their cute size is slightly deceiving in the fiddly work that is involved (or I’m just not very good at sewing).

It was Friday night and I was just itching to start something new - I’d recently bought this book for making quick little gifts and thought I might whip up a half dozen while I watched a bit of Friday night TV.

I’m not sure if I went about the whole thing in the wrong way (I have a propensity not to read instructions fully), but I just struggled making these birds:

1.  all the same size (my first bird looks like I has eaten another one!);
2. from keeping their tiny seams from busting open;
3. ‘undercarriage’ looking neat; and
4. looking anywhere as delicate as they do in the book!

But my whinging aside - I do love them and they will look ever so pretty hanging from a mobile if I ever have a little girl!

Caity x

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