Thursday, 14 July 2011

Appliqué Spring Tree Cushion

Sewing/Home Decorating: 

Another unfinished project done (mental ‘TICK’) yay! I’m cruising through my box now.

I started this cushion while visiting Cath - it’s taken from here - which is an amazing and inspiring book FULL of great ideas!

Similar to the needle case I made for Cath, I was lucky enough to get to be able to use ALL her scraps for this cushion!!!!

Cushion in progress
My only regret is I didn’t insert a zip on the back of the cushion (I just couldn’t remember how to do it) but my lovely mum has since retaught me so I might just have to redo the back of this cushion - if I’m honest with myself though - probably not).

It's just as effective doing the simple back with an overlap of the two pieces.

Back of cushion
Caity x

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