Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cup Circles Painting in Black and White


The design for this painting was inspired by the amount of time I spend in the kitchen packing and unpacking the dishwasher!! One day my small cups left a dainty and neat watermark on my bench... and it was then that I visualised a whole painting of it!

I painted the board black first using a paint roller. By 'board' I mean that I used an old picture that was past its prime, and just painted over the top of it. The handy thing was that it already had hangers and everything on the back of it.

Then I just put some white paint onto a plate, dipped my cup in, and started the process.

This could be done with any colour to suit a room, and you could also do another one to hang with it, in the contrasting colours (i.e. white background and black circles in my case) - thanks to my sister for suggesting that one.

Happy painting!


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