Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Bedhead Makeover for a Spare Room Using Fabric

Home Decorating:

Last week I started to update our spare room so that it looks a bit more attractive for guests. The room is small - it only really just fits a single bed and a bedside table.

I had an old bed stored in one of our sheds. The bed itself was fantastic, really solid, but the bedhead was past its prime style-wise:

I wanted to give it more of a luxurious look! So I thought I'd pad it a bit and put some material over it. So I got out my staple gun, some standard toy-stuffing wadding that I'd purchased from Spotlight, two types of fabric... and I got going!

I arranged the wadding over the front of the bedhead as evenly as possible, then stretched some hardy curtain material that I had over the top of it and stapled the material to the back of the bedhead. This is how it looked from the back (above, with my little daughter as helper), and this is how it looked side-on (below).

I didn't worry too much about how it looked from the back, as you can see...

Once I'd finished the stapling of the first material, I stapled the next and final layer of material straight over the top. This is how it looked from the back when it was finished.

And this is how it looked from the front.

... and this photo shows you how the corners look close-up. I didn't fuss too much about them.

And here's the final photo... all finished and looking good with the bed put together. I have also added a couple of no-zip cushions that I made up to go with the bedhead. It looks fantastic!

Happy making!


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