Monday, 31 October 2011

Easy Christmas Stocking for Non-Sewers!


This is the Christmas stocking that I made for my daughter, Poppy. I'm not a very good sewer as you can see!! However, it is very easy to make something similar even if you can only sew in straight lines.

First I drew an outline of a stocking on some baking paper. Then I cut two of the stocking out and sewed a very rough 'P' on to one of them using different material. Then I put the right sides together and sewed. I wanted the different material at the top of the stocking as well, so I cut out two rectangles that I thought looked like they would fit at the top of my stocking, and sewed them to it. Everything was pretty rough!

Then I just added some ribbon for decoration and for the hanging bit. Poppy loves it even though it's very basic! Just have a go - use pretty materials and you'll surprise yourself and make something that looks really nice!

Happy making!


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