Monday, 3 October 2011

Fabric Design Painted onto Canvas


Recently I completed another painting for a friend's house which used a fabric design as inspiration. She had used a beautiful Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric (called Songbirds in Mushroom/Rasberry) for some cushions and curtains in her living room, and she liked the pattern so much that we thought it might be nice to repeat a section of the design on a large canvas that could be hung on the other side of the room. This is a picture of one of her cushions:
So, on a large canvas, I first sketched in a section of the design:

And then I painted in the beige-coloured background:

... and then I finished the design by painting in the rest of the white/cream bits and the red layer. Unfortunately the photos of the finished product are not as clear as they should be... but you can get the idea! This can be a handy way to make a picture for your home if a) your fabric's design is too small to cover a canvas in the actual fabric and as a result it won't make the impact that you're looking for on the wall, or b) your fabric is hard to get, or c) your fabric was very, very expensive and you have to use it sparingly.

Happy painting!


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