Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sweet Christmas Bird Decorations

Craft/Sewing/Home Decorating:

Following on from Em's gorgeous Christmas wreaths I have these sweet little bird decorations for you to make for the Christmas tree.

These birds are a really simple little decoration to make to brighten up your Christmas tree, hang in a row on the wall or could even be tied to a present as a personalised tag.


  • I used iron on interfacing to make the body of the birds a bit more sturdy.
  • You can also attach the ribbon to the bird after you have made the bird by threading the ribbon through the top of the bird with a sharp needle with a large eye.


There are so many things you could add to this basic bird - so try a few out and make the bird your own! Here are just a few ideas to get you started:
  • attach a small bead for the birds eye
  • attach a small wing to each side of the bird to give it a more 3D feel
  • tie a little ribbon around the birds neck

Finished dimensions: 5cm x 8cm 

x Caity

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  1. Love your birds! I'm planning to make christmas bunting with all my red fabric scraps. one day. soon.