Monday, 14 November 2011

Mini Christmas Mobile to Decorate a Small Space


The idea behind this mini mobile design was to make something simple and decorative for Christmas that wouldn't take up too much room! And of course it has cost me next to nothing!

I used a side of a box for the cardboard, traced around some of the more Christmas-themed cookie cutters that I also used last week (see Simple Christmas Decorations for Hanging using Biscuit/Cookie Cutters), and then cut them out with scissors.

I then used a skewer to make a few holes in each. Then I threaded some jute string through the holes (putting a bit of sticky tape around the end tightly helps with the threading too!), tied knots at each end...... and it was finished!

It hangs nicely on a cupboard handle in my kitchen!
The possibilities are endless with this mini mobile... or you could even use the little cut-outs for gift tags... all sorts of things.

Happy making!


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