Monday, 7 November 2011

Simple Christmas Decorations for Hanging using Biscuit/Cookie Cutters

Home Decorating:

This Christmas project is really quick and easy and does not involve any sewing, glueing or anything! Biscuit or Cookie cutters often feature as Christmas Decorations in magazines and they look beautiful. However, the trick is often getting them to sit straight for a garland or other arrangement.

For this project, you’ll need some pegs, string (I used jute), small strips of material, and some biscuit cutters. I purchased a tin of 30 cutters for $12 from Target.

Simply put the material through the top of the cutter so that the cutter sits properly front-on. Then peg it to your string... and it’s done!

Once you get started on this one with the pegs, you might think of all sorts of things that would look nice pegged to string for a Christmas theme.

Happy making!


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