Saturday, 5 November 2011

Snowflake Christmas Stocking


Nine years ago I started a cross stitch Christmas stocking for my then new boyfriend, and now husband........ due to whatever reason I just never got around to finishing it (sound familiar?). So this Christmas I thought I might surprise him with his own stocking.

But what style of stocking would really be suitable for a 37 year old man??

I pondered this for a few days and then came to the conclusion - the perfect style for him is whatever sort I make!!! 

I really wanted to make something with snowflakes on it - and this proved to be the perfect project for me to try out a variety of different snow flake designs.

I mostly just drew up the designs by looking at images of snowflakes but I did use a few from Made in France (which I know has cross stitch ones - but I just redrafted them for use for back stitch and french knots).

I marked them on the linen with a water soluble pen - have you tried one? They are so fun! It's just so fun to spray the embroidery once you are finished and watch the blue pen disappear!

The stocking is lined with a simple red check I had in the cupboard and bound in matching red gingham.

I really love how the stocking turned out and I'm sure my husband will love it too - the only thing I regret??

Now, time to make one for myself?.... Maybe next year.

Finished Dimensions: 24" x 13" 

x Caity

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  1. Gorgeous stocking Caity, lovely lovely embroidery!! now you have to fill the darn thing with presents ;)