Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Present Ideas For Under $3!

Home Decorating:

Recently I had a few quick minutes to browse through a bargain shop for gift ideas for Christmas... and I came up with quite a few nice present options. Here are three of them below!

This tea towel would be really striking put into a frame (see my Tea Towel Pictures from earlier this year), or simply hung up on a wall in the kitchen using blu-tac and pegs. This tea towel cost me $2.
These pretty pastel plates would be a lovely gift on their own, or they could be hung up on a wall as a set of four or more. These plates were on sale and cost me $0.70 each.

This little black-bird (or birds, if you bought lots of them!) again would be a lovely gift on its own, or it could be painted a block colour, decorated with a pattern, or you could spray glue some fabric onto it.... endless options! This bird cost me $1.

And there were loads more possibilities for cheap Christmas presents in the bargain shops!

Happy bargain shopping!


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