Monday, 2 January 2012

Easy Makeover for a Decorative Birdcage

Home Decorating:

The other day I purchased two decorative birdcages from The Reject Shop for $15 and $10 (one small, one large).

I had been on the lookout for a nice cheap but decently sized birdcage for ages, so they were perfect, and they were on special!

All I did was paint them white. I used one spray can of paint (approx. $8)for two of them, and then hung them in a tree in my garden.

They look really pretty now! There are also endless possibilities with what you could do for colours and things.... aqua would also be nice, or each one in a different colour. If they weren't going outside, you could also spray-glue material into the bottom of them, and of course, a nice bird outline covered in material sitting inside one would look lovely too!



  1. Hi Emma,

    How long ago did you purchase the birdcages. I have been looking everywhere and did not even think that the reject shop would sell them.



    1. Hello Alyce! From memory I purchased them in early January this year. However, I was in a Reject Shop again a few weeks ago, and saw that they still had some. Good luck! Hope you find some! x Emma