Monday, 27 February 2012

Easy-to-Make Pictures using Leaves from the Garden


I made these 'leaf pictures' because I needed something to decorate a wall with that was quick, cheap and easy to do. I purchased the frames from The Reject Shop (or another shop like that) for about $1 each.

I went into the garden and chose eight leaves. Some of the leaves I used are the same - but that doesn't matter.

Then I just got some white paper out of the tray of my printer, cut them to size, and stuck the leaves on with a tiny bit of craft glue.

The pictures look surprisingly effective when all hung together. Because the frames are so small and light, I hung them using some small picture hanging strips. You can only see a set of 6 here in this photo - but there are actually eight!

You also don't have to just use leaves.... have a look at what's around your garden. Sticks, bark, grasses and dried flowers could also look really good.

Happy making!


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  1. Hi! Emma - with autumn on its way this is such a good idea. Kathy