Thursday, 9 February 2012

‘Rain Drops' Quilt in Progress


I am in LOVE with this quilt (it might well be my most favourite quilt EVER) and it's not even finished yet! 

I've pulled this one out of my unfinished projects basket - hence the crumpled look in the photo above (apologies!)

And as strange the idea for this quilt came as I was sitting at a café in Perth last year when I saw a advertising banner on a bus shelter that had lovely paper cut outs of rain drops falling (I was so taken with the picture I can’t even remember what the advertisement was for!!!!)

Anyway, it made me think about what a great quilt little droplets of rain would make.

I made this quilt using a single piece of Kona Cotton Grey in Ash for the background and then drafted up 3 varying sizes of rain drops free hand to use as my templates.

I've now tacked all my rain drops by hand and just need to appliqué them onto the background.... so

So many projects on the go at the moment - hopefully I will get one finished soon!!!!

Caity xx

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  1. this will be beautiful. I REALLY need to make an appliqué quilt! inspiring.