Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blue Hexagon Quilt


I have been working on this quilt since 2007 - I know - a long time - in that time I have got married, had a little boy and moved interstate and so much has been hectic - plus hand quilting this one has meant I'm not keen to do anything on it over the hot summer months here in Queensland.

But now that the weather has started to cool off a little again I pulled it out a few weeks ago and have been working feverishly on it so I could show you! I have a bit more to go but I'm really getting so close now!

I love how it's looking - the little 'stars' in each hexagon really give the quilt a great texture and I LOVE looking at all the blues  - I can't wait to snuggle up on the couch with this one!!!! 

Caity x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Easy Storage and Decorating Ideas for a Good-Looking Laundry

Home Decorating:

Most people I know don’t worry too much about what their laundry looks like – and fair enough too – but in our case, our “front” door is usually through the laundry so I had to make it nice and neat!

Our laundry is also the area where I’m coming and going to the car, so it needed to serve other purposes of general storage and functional space for everyday stuff like nappy bags, swimming bags etc. So, I filled gaps, cleaned and painted the whole room. I used Dulux Aquanamel in white for the walls and roof, and a feature wall of Dulux Midnight Sea.

I also painted the tiled floor. There was nothing technically wrong with the floor tiles… I just wanted to update their look a bit. To paint the tiles (floor and behind sink), I used a paving paint and added some grit into it (which you can buy as an extra to the paint).

I can’t remember the brand but it was just the standard white paving paint one that you can purchase from Bunnings. I also used the undercoat that they recommended to use with the paving paint. After doing a couple of coats with the paving paint, I then purchased a high gloss enamel (Dulux in white) and painted a couple of coats of that over the top.

I have to say that the floor is wearing extremely well, and, as I’ve mentioned above, the laundry floor is a high traffic area so it gets a work out! The only time it chips is if I drop something really heavy on it (like a hammer).

I also gave the laundry tub a new coat of paint in the high gloss enamel. It looks new now!

For storage I used a simple white shelf that I already had – I braced it to the wall at the top so there’s no chance of it falling on anyone! This shelf is the main space for our stuff.

The bottom shelf has shoe cleaning things and a basket for the ironing to be done; the next shelf up has my tool box for household jobs (very important!); the middle shelf has my children’s bags for nappies, swimming, daycare/preschool; and the baskets on the top shelf have handy stuff in them like torches, nails and screws and other ‘fixing’ things. The buckets are also very useful – one has extension chords and double adapters in it, and the other has the first aid kit and emergency stuff. All hidden so it looks neat!

And of course I needed room to hang coats, hats (and the mop!), so I put up a few hooks that sit right next to the door.

The canvases I painted myself to help brighten the room further. I also saved space by purchasing a washer/dryer (the chest freezer takes up so much room as it is!).

The final thing I did was have an electrician change the light fitting and change the light switches and power points from brown to white ones.

Our laundry now works really well and looks good! It’s actually a nice place to be.

Good luck with your decorating!


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Simple Zipper Bags


Gosh this week has flown. I had lots and lots of sewing planned and... well..... by the time I've got home from work, got Thom fed, bathed and to bed.....I just want to lie on the couch!!!!

But I did manage to get this cute little bag made up - I used the brilliant and super simple pattern for an oil cloth box bag from the amazing OneShabbyChick. Go take a look at how beautiful they look in oil cloth, not to mention all the other great things she is always making! 

Since I was using normal fabric and not oil cloth like the pattern I gave the bag a bit more strength by padding it with some left over wadding and did some simple straight line quilting. 

This project is REALLY quick - if you were using the oil cloth it would take no time at all! It only took about an hour from start to finish!

Happy sewing for the coming weekend - I hope you get as many projects done as I hope to!!!

Caity x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Peg Print III - Coloured


As its name says, this is the third picture I’ve done using a Peg Print. My first one was a similar pattern but in two colours, and my Peg Print II was a two colour circular pattern.

This time I thought I’d try something bright and colourful. I am currently making a few things to decorate my childrens’ new cubby house, so I wanted to hang my new Peg Print in there!

I thought I’d try it on something other than a canvas, so I looked around and found a piece of plywood left over from some building work… and painted it on that. I painted the piece of wood with undercoat, and then did a top coat using Dulux Aquanamel in Semi Gloss Vivid White.

Then I got out all my pegs, paints and plastic plates. I used six colours, and they were paints that I had leftover from painting my house, or sample pots of colours that I like and had previously purchased.

The printing certainly took a while, but I love the result! I then simply attached some hangers with screws onto the back of the wood.

Happy making!


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Made in Cherry Quilt Progress


It's been a few weeks now since I joined the Made in Cherry Quilt Along hosted by Chelsea at Pins and Bobbins. I had all my little 3" squares lovingly laid out on the spare bed but then my mum came to stay - and while she loves quilting as much as I do, I don't think she would have appreciated the mess! So it was all packed away in the cupboard.

But this weekend I pulled them all out again and managed to get the quilt top sewn together. I used a dark charcoal grey for the background and I love how it makes the blues and greens 'pop'.

I have certainly been spurred on my admiring all the other Made in Cherry Quilts that have been popping up on flickr... I have so many favourites I'm not sure where to start - but take a look yourself - there are plenty to ogle!

Better get back to it...

Caity x

Monday, 12 March 2012

Easy Travel Doll & Bed to Make for a Little Girl


This project was really easy (even for basic sewers like me!), and the doll and bed is great for car travel and nights away. It can also be used as a pillow if required! My daughter actually has it on her bed at the moment as a decorative cushion.

First of all, choose your materials. You’ll also need a small section of felt for the doll’s face. I chose fabrics that were modern and funky, especially for a child’s toy.

Then I traced a simple babushka doll outline (you can find these online) onto my piece of material. The material is doubled over in the photo, right sides together. Don’t forget to allow room for the seams.

Then you need to make the doll’s face. I traced out my felt using a cup. Then I hand-sewed a little face onto it with black thread. You will need to sew this felt face onto the right side of your material before you sew your doll together.

Once you’ve then sewed your doll, turn it the right way out and stuff the doll with toy filler.

I then hand-sewed the bottom of the doll to finish.

To make the bed, lay your doll over your material and cut it to whatever size you think. I always just judge the size by eye, allowing for some seams too of course!

Then I sewed the top of my ‘top blanket’ for the bed. I allowed a bit of give each side of the ‘top blanket’ so that the doll would easily be able to fit into the bed once the doll was stuffed.

Then I put the right sides together of the bed and sewed it (one piece has the ‘top blanket’ already sewed to it, and the other is just the material). Your layers of the bed will look like this (below). I ironed up the bottom so that it would be easier to sew.

And that’s it!

Happy making!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Completed Pretty Petals Quilt


Finally I am getting a few projects finished again - this quilt was just waiting for the binding - which after endless searching for the perfect green stripe - I ended up finding it in my scrap basket!

I got this finished JUST in time to head to Sydney to visit my friend Jo and meet her new little bub Grace!

Sorry, I didn't get a photo - but trust me - she's very cute.

Caity x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Make a Children's Kitchen Cabinet using a Wooden Fire Hydrant Box

Creative Ideas:

Recently as I was driving through a town near where I live, I saw that a business was giving away these lovely old wooden fire hydrant boxes! So of course I had to stop and pick one up!

As soon as I saw them I thought they'd be perfect as a little kitchen cabinet for a child's kitchen.

So, I simply put some shelves in it using a few bits of pine, painted it and added some cup hooks. And now it is being put to use every day in my daughter Poppy's little pretend kitchen!

I forgot to take a proper 'before' photo... so here's the cabinet with the shelves already in it and also with the door knob put on.

This is how the shelves were installed (above). I had planned to do the shelf installing myself with brackets... but I had a builder at my house doing a couple of other jobs, so I cheated and asked him to do it for me. Nevertheless, it would be reasonably easy to do yourself using small steel brackets.

And then the final job was to add a few cup hooks so that the cabinet really looks like a proper kitchen shelf!

Happy making!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thom's Lounging Cushions


New cushions for Thom this week - they are nice and big - so he can throw them on the bed, the couch or the floor.

I used left over fabric I had from his Animals at the Zoo quilt I made last year (another great way to use up some more fabric from my stash).

The cushions have a finished size of approximately 22" x 22" and I cut 6" squares. I even inserted a zipper! Yay for me :)

To give the cushion a bit more softness I also quilted the cushion tops with some basic straight lines. For the backing I used some cute navy fabrics I had in the cupboard - spots and sharks! Very boyish!!

Maybe some for me next? 

Caity x