Monday, 12 March 2012

Easy Travel Doll & Bed to Make for a Little Girl


This project was really easy (even for basic sewers like me!), and the doll and bed is great for car travel and nights away. It can also be used as a pillow if required! My daughter actually has it on her bed at the moment as a decorative cushion.

First of all, choose your materials. You’ll also need a small section of felt for the doll’s face. I chose fabrics that were modern and funky, especially for a child’s toy.

Then I traced a simple babushka doll outline (you can find these online) onto my piece of material. The material is doubled over in the photo, right sides together. Don’t forget to allow room for the seams.

Then you need to make the doll’s face. I traced out my felt using a cup. Then I hand-sewed a little face onto it with black thread. You will need to sew this felt face onto the right side of your material before you sew your doll together.

Once you’ve then sewed your doll, turn it the right way out and stuff the doll with toy filler.

I then hand-sewed the bottom of the doll to finish.

To make the bed, lay your doll over your material and cut it to whatever size you think. I always just judge the size by eye, allowing for some seams too of course!

Then I sewed the top of my ‘top blanket’ for the bed. I allowed a bit of give each side of the ‘top blanket’ so that the doll would easily be able to fit into the bed once the doll was stuffed.

Then I put the right sides together of the bed and sewed it (one piece has the ‘top blanket’ already sewed to it, and the other is just the material). Your layers of the bed will look like this (below). I ironed up the bottom so that it would be easier to sew.

And that’s it!

Happy making!


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