Monday, 19 March 2012

Peg Print III - Coloured


As its name says, this is the third picture I’ve done using a Peg Print. My first one was a similar pattern but in two colours, and my Peg Print II was a two colour circular pattern.

This time I thought I’d try something bright and colourful. I am currently making a few things to decorate my childrens’ new cubby house, so I wanted to hang my new Peg Print in there!

I thought I’d try it on something other than a canvas, so I looked around and found a piece of plywood left over from some building work… and painted it on that. I painted the piece of wood with undercoat, and then did a top coat using Dulux Aquanamel in Semi Gloss Vivid White.

Then I got out all my pegs, paints and plastic plates. I used six colours, and they were paints that I had leftover from painting my house, or sample pots of colours that I like and had previously purchased.

The printing certainly took a while, but I love the result! I then simply attached some hangers with screws onto the back of the wood.

Happy making!


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