Monday, 30 April 2012

A Simple “Collection in a Jar” Gift for Children to Make for Mother’s Day

Creative Ideas:

This is another idea for a nice homemade Mother’s Day gift that doesn’t require any special equipment, is quick and easy to make, and doesn’t cost much at all (if anything!). This present is also very easy for children to do themselves.

I thought it would be lovely to have a little collection of things that your child has put together for you, and to keep it all neatly together in a jar. The collections could be made out of anything really… anything that your children like and things that they associate with you. They can decide what they’d like to put in there. This gift idea would probably work even better with older children.

So, with this in mind, I gave my 4 year old daughter Poppy an empty jar, and I asked her to fill it with “nice things for mummy” when she was next in the garden or playing outside.

And these are the things she came up with!

Some branches with lichen, rocks, leaves, other bits of wood, seedlings from trees, a shell… and even a little painted picture of her and me. She told me about each of the things in the jar (actually, it would be a good idea to write down what your child says about the things in the jar too), and arranged the items in the jar herself. 

I finished off the present for myself by putting a white tissue paper decorative top on, tied it with some string, and attached a little gift tag.

It looks very nice sitting next to my computer screen in the office, and it’s lovely to look at and have.

I think it would make a charming, simple present for Mother’s Day. Even fathers could organise it!

Happy making!


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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Simple Pretty Covered Coat Hangers


I've been having a bit of a clean out of my wardrobe lately - getting rid of the old and trying to make it a little more tidy so  I can actually find things in it!

But once that part was done I decided it needed a bit of prettying up! So I got to work making up a pile of pretty covered hangers with some left over fabrics I had.

These are really simple to make and you don't have to do much sewing at all!

These would make a great Mother's Day present (only 3 weeks away now) or just a lovely gift for a friend who enjoys the pretty things in life!

Caity x

Monday, 23 April 2012

An Easy-to-Make yet Meaningful Gift for Mother’s Day

Creative Ideas:

There are lots of lovely gift ideas around for Mother’s Day, but many of them are not as personalised and meaningful as I think they could be. And, of course, because so many of us have EVERYTHING, I tried to think of something original that my recipient would actually want and would really enjoy.

I also wanted to make something that didn’t involve lots of sewing, craft or equipment…. and I came up with my “things that make me think nice thoughts about you” idea!

My grandmother is currently in need of some cheering up, so I did this one for her for Mother’s Day. It is basically a collection of words that describe the things that remind me of Gran, and covers some of my memories of her and me, her houses, habits and possessions.

All you need for this project is a little time, a computer and a printer! You could also purchase a frame to put your list into. It would give your present a nice finish.

Type up your words in whatever font you think looks nice. I just used the good old Times New Roman and it’s about 28 in size. To assist with the overall looks and readability, I bolded every second word and separated them with a full stop. I also justified the text. Then I added a little message down the bottom of the picture to say Happy Mother’s Day:


I think this gift idea is an entertaining and meaningful one for Mother’s Day (or any celebration really!). It’s also very easy and won’t cost much. I suppose it’s sort of a personalised poem with no structure and no rhyme!

I’m sure my grandmother is going to enjoy reading her list of “things that make me think nice thoughts about you” from me.

Happy making!


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Made in Cherry Quilt is Finished!


I'm excited I have finally managed to get my Made in Cherry quilt finished and I just love it!

This was my first quilt along - which I started back here and here ....mmm I must work on actually sticking to the quilt along steps next time I join to keep the momentum. 

But I'm mostly just ecstatic to finish a quilt and am not so worried about the 'how' or 'how long'...

I machine quilted this quilt as I want to use it in the living room for every day use. I quilted across each square and then did some basic sewing around the outside to reflect the star outline in the grey background.

I generally like to use what I have in the cupboard for quilt backings. Nice and simple and great way to use up some more of my stash!

I'm so in love with this quilt and I'm pleased to say that apart from the buying the wadding and the binding I used only fabrics I already had.

Right - now back to a little more hand quilting - but first here are a few 'action' shots which will explain why I always use the clothes line to show my finished quilts! - for some reason (read 'my two year old - Thom') they just won't stay flat on the bed!

Caity x
Note: Please don't Pin or use the image of Thom in any way - I'm more than happy for the other images to be used with appropriate recognition given.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Soft Toy Alphabet Letters for a Child's Bedroom


This project came about after I was trying to think of something different to make as a present for a new baby. I love the wooden letters that you can buy as the first letter of the child's name... so I thought that something that was also soft that they could play with would be good.

The letters are designed to sit as a cushion on the child's bed on in their cot. In my case, I made these two letters for a friend who had twin girls, Arabella and Julia.

First I roughly drew my alphabet letters on a piece of baking paper.

Then I pinned them on to the material. I used different pieces of material for each side of the letter.

Then I had to work out a way to do the middle of the A, as the letter of course has to be stuffed with filler. I ended up ironing in all the seams of both letters, and then pinning them together and sewing them that way.

And I'm sure the little girls are going to enjoy bashing eachother over the head with their letters once they're up to pillow fights!

Happy making!


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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Making Recycling Pretty


So this week I WAS planning on finishing off my Made in Cherry quilt - but as luck would have it I ran out of thread when I was about 3/4 of the way through the machine quilting - and wouldn't you know it - I haven't been able to get out to buy another one!

So next week I'll have it finished - I promise!

But this week I thought I might tidy up my kitchen a little - make it a little bit nicer to look at (currently waiting for some plans to be finalised so I can have a brand new kitchen - oh the excitement!) I digress.

So this is where I used to put all my recycling before I take it outside to our big wheelie bin.

Attractive isn't it?

Last night I finally got around it using up some oil cloth I had sitting around.

It's simple - but makes a nice improvement to an otherwise 'very desperate' looking kitchen!

Caity x

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easy-to-Make Soft Toy Elephant for a Child


I recently bought this really lovely elephant material from Spotlight, and I thought it might be nice to make a children’s toy out of it. Luckily, I already had some material for the ears that matched perfectly. It’s actually the same material that I used for my bedhead makeover last year.

To make the shape of the elephant, I had a look at lots of the ‘simple elephant’ drawings that there are online… and then I drew up my own.

I cut out the template, pinned it onto the material and cut around it.

If you make a few cuts like these (above) in the tight corners, the legs will sit better when you turn the elephant the right way out.

I then cut out the ears, ironed up the sides and sewed along them.

I made a small tail too.

Then I sewed the ears to the material and poked in the tail so that it would point the right way once I turned out my elephant after sewing.

I also sewed on some small white buttons for eyes to each side.

Then I sewed around the elephant, leaving an opening to turn it out and stuff it. Once I’d finished the stuffing, I pinned the area to be hand-sewed, and then sewed it.

My little soft toy elephant is now in the mail being sent to a new little baby boy!

Happy making!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pretty Summer Tops to Sew


Well summer is officially over now - but here in Queensland we are lucky enough to be able to wear summer clothes for another couple months yet.

I found this cute pattern recently - it's a free pattern and really simple to make.

The only part I struggled with was the bias binding - I just never seem to get it quite right! but I think I did 'ok' here....I just used some lightweight voile I picked up recently at Spotlight for about $12m. 

I also made a simple shoulder tie top for myself - this top took about half and hour. I just made up the pattern myself - but there are plenty of free online patterns you can follow - just look up 'pillow case top' or 'simple top to sew'.

Well I better get out there and enjoy the last of the warm days here!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Pretty-in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile


I wanted to make something crafty for Easter that wasn’t too over-the-top on an Easter theme. This Pretty-in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile was what I came up with!

The only materials you’ll need for this project are:
- Cardboard (I used the side of a cardboard box)
- Material scraps (I used pastel colours)
- Spray glue
- Craft glue
- String
- Sticky tape (something hardy)
… and of course, a pencil and some scissors.

First I drew some Easter egg shapes in a variety of sizes. Don’t worry about being too correct with these shapes – it adds more character to the mobile if your egg shape is not perfect! Then I cut them out.

Because this design is a double-sided mobile, you’ll need to trace each of the eggs you just cut out and cut them out again so that you have two. A double-sided mobile will allow you to hang it somewhere where it can turn around.

After you’ve got all your pairs of eggs together, spray your material with spray glue and stick the eggs on. I made sure that I had each side of the egg in a different material. Then I cut around each egg, and stuck the sides up.

If your spray glue doesn’t stick too well…. give it a few minutes after you’ve sprayed it on to the material and you’ll find that it will stick properly.

Then I lined up my eggs in pairs and worked out what I thought should go where. I placed my string through the middle and sticky-taped it down to one side of the eggs. Doing this makes everything sit better when the mobile’s hanging.

Then I put craft glue on the other side of the eggs, and stuck them on. I put my mobile on our table and put heaps of books over it so that the sides of the eggs ended up as close to eachother as possible.

After allowing it to dry for a few hours, I then found somewhere to hang up my lovely Easter mobile! It even looks good enough to keep up ALL the time!

Happy making (and Happy Easter)!