Monday, 23 April 2012

An Easy-to-Make yet Meaningful Gift for Mother’s Day

Creative Ideas:

There are lots of lovely gift ideas around for Mother’s Day, but many of them are not as personalised and meaningful as I think they could be. And, of course, because so many of us have EVERYTHING, I tried to think of something original that my recipient would actually want and would really enjoy.

I also wanted to make something that didn’t involve lots of sewing, craft or equipment…. and I came up with my “things that make me think nice thoughts about you” idea!

My grandmother is currently in need of some cheering up, so I did this one for her for Mother’s Day. It is basically a collection of words that describe the things that remind me of Gran, and covers some of my memories of her and me, her houses, habits and possessions.

All you need for this project is a little time, a computer and a printer! You could also purchase a frame to put your list into. It would give your present a nice finish.

Type up your words in whatever font you think looks nice. I just used the good old Times New Roman and it’s about 28 in size. To assist with the overall looks and readability, I bolded every second word and separated them with a full stop. I also justified the text. Then I added a little message down the bottom of the picture to say Happy Mother’s Day:


I think this gift idea is an entertaining and meaningful one for Mother’s Day (or any celebration really!). It’s also very easy and won’t cost much. I suppose it’s sort of a personalised poem with no structure and no rhyme!

I’m sure my grandmother is going to enjoy reading her list of “things that make me think nice thoughts about you” from me.

Happy making!


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  1. This is a gorgeous idea - I think I'll be using it for my own grandmother! -Kat