Thursday, 26 April 2012

Simple Pretty Covered Coat Hangers


I've been having a bit of a clean out of my wardrobe lately - getting rid of the old and trying to make it a little more tidy so  I can actually find things in it!

But once that part was done I decided it needed a bit of prettying up! So I got to work making up a pile of pretty covered hangers with some left over fabrics I had.

These are really simple to make and you don't have to do much sewing at all!

These would make a great Mother's Day present (only 3 weeks away now) or just a lovely gift for a friend who enjoys the pretty things in life!

Caity x


  1. I love your coathangers - they are absolutely gorgeous. Would you consider doing a tutorial on how you made them?

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments on the coat hangers - I'll happily put together a simple tutorial on how to make them. I will try and get it done over the weekend. Caity