Monday, 14 May 2012

Fabric Covered Formula Tins for Children’s Craft Things


I know this idea of reusing tins for storage has been around for ages and it works well. They can be used to store just about anything…. but I just decided recently to cover some of my leftover formula tins in material to store my children’s craft things and to help keep their craft shelf a bit tidy!

This project is really quick and easy. All you’ll need is some spray glue, tins, scissors and some nice material.

Firstly, lay the tin on its side and roughly cut the width of the material. Roughly cut the length as well – a little bit longer than needed is better as it’s easier to handle the material when you’re sticking it on. 

Don’t worry if there are a few stray threads. It all adds to the look!

Then you simply spray your material with spray glue, give it a minute to get tacky, then slowly wind it around your formula tin.

I usually put the tin on its side again, stick a portion of it on in the right spot, then roll the tin and stick as I go.  

Doesn’t it look nice? The tins look even better when they’re all together on the craft shelf!

Happy making!



  1. They look great. I have some wallpaper I want to try this with!

  2. Wallpaper is a fantastic idea too! Good luck with your project!