Thursday, 28 June 2012

'A Little Bit of Love' Cushion


This week I thought I might get back to some basic embroidery. I used to embroider all the time when I was younger - but I guess now working and having a little boy to look after there isn't as much spare time anymore...but I miss it.

So I thought I would start small. I made this cushion by first embroidering in chain stitch the word 'love' onto a nice natural linen. 

To get the lettering looking nice i just tried out different fonts on the computer and then printed one off in the size i wanted and traced it onto the linen with a water soluble marker.

To make this into a cushion I used the following:

  • a 16 inch zip
  • 2m of 20mm white ric-rac
  • 1m of this cool flora print that coordinates with my aqua 'love'
  • 1 - size 18 cushion insert
I won't go through the detail of how to assemble the cushion - it's a pretty basic process and there are many blogs that already go into the tiny details. But I will pass on some of my tips I found useful:

1. If you want to have cushions with that nice plump look always buy a cushion insert one size larger than the finished cushion size you want to make. 

2. When assembling the cushion if you are a little nervous about the rid-rac ending up where it should be just sew it onto the reserve side of the front cushion piece first just inside the edge. Then when you assemble the cushion if you follow just inside the line you have already attached the binding with it will be in the perfect spot.

3. Make sure you use colours that contrast well for the font and the background - you want your text to stand out!

4. Before turning the cushion to the right side clip the seams around the corners at 1cm intervals - this will help them achieve that nice soft curve you are hoping for on the ric-rac corners.

5. When you choose backing fabric you don't decide halfway though that you'd actually like to use this fabric on the front of a cushion and wander off and start another project like I did(results to come soon!).

Enjoy your sewing....I know I will!

Caity x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Retro Building Blocks Canvas


This painting design all started with my children’s building blocks! I chose a background colour of charcoal (the colour is Dulux Grid), and painted the canvas with a couple of coats.

Then I got the building blocks and started printing with them by dipping them in white paint – I printed in a haphazard but ordered way – much the same way I’d hang a group of pictures together on a wall.

The design then went from there! I joined up some of the blocks, added some squares of cardboard, then painted an outline of some of the squares.

Then I added some cut-out squares of material to complete the canvas… and it ended up looking quite retro to me, like an old lino design or something.

Anyway, it looks great up on my wall and I’m very pleased with it! I might use the building blocks again soon for another design.

Happy making!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Simple Bunting T-Shirt for a Girl


In case you haven't yet noticed, Em and I LOVE bunting........ over the last year or so of us blogging we have made your no sew  bunting, bunting cards, bunting from Christmas paper, bunting from paint samples and so today I happily add to our bunting collection - the bunting t-shirt!

It was really simple to make - just follow these simple steps:

1. Chose fabric (from your scraps is perfect for this!)

2. Iron scraps onto vliesofix and cut out 5 triangles from your scraps.

3. Set your sewing machine to a close zig-zag or satin stitch.

4. To ensure the fabric doesn't stretch on the front when you are sewing iron on a rectangle of interfacing on the inside of the t-shirt to cover the area of your bunting.

5. Layout your bunting pieces across the t-shirt and iron in place.

6. Secure fabric with a zig-zag or satin stitch.

It makes a great present for a little girl...I think I'd even wear one myself.

Caity x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Name-Letters Mobile Made out of Cardboard


We went to a 4th birthday party last week for two little girls and I wanted to make some presents for them that were personalised, pastel-coloured and pretty. So I came up with these easy Cardboard Name Mobiles!

These Cardboard Name Mobiles are in the same easy-to-make style as a couple of other ones that I’ve done: Simple White Christmas Bird Mobile and my Pretty-in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile.

All you’ll need for your Name Mobile is some cardboard (I used the side of a box), scissors and a serrated knife, good sticky tape, string and some nice paint colours.

It really is easy. Firstly I printed out the letters in the font I wanted on my computer. From memory I think I made the text size about 450.

Then I cut out the template, traced it on to the cardboard, and cut each letter out of the cardboard using a serrated knife (it’s quicker and easier to manipulate around corners using a knife rather than scissors).

Then it’s just a matter of painting each letter and sticking the string to the back of them using some good sticky tape.

Just be sure to get the spacing of the letters right so that the name ‘flows’ and is easy to read once it’s hung up on the wall.

Happy making!


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Baby Kisses Quilt


I had so much fun making this little quilt. Firstly because it was pink and i just don't make enough pink things and secondly because I'm hedging my bets on a friend due with her first bub soon that it's going to be a girl!!! 

This quilt is based on the traditional Kansas dugout pattern. I've made it a bit simpler though by just working off a simple 8 inch square. I then cut a 4 inch triangle off opposite ends of the square and replaced it with white triangles made by cutting 4 inch squares and then halving them.

It was lots of fun laying out the colours on my living room floor. I think it looks like little interlocking kisses. Hence its name - Baby Kisses.

I used a total of 5 different pinks to make this (all from my existing stash)... hopefully this weekend I will get around to quilting it as the bub is due in 3 weeks!!

Have a lovely weekend with whatever creative projects you are working on!

Caity x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tea Towel Cushion


This lovely Annabel Trends tea towel has been sitting in amongst my craft projects for a while and I have been wondering about how best to display it.

I had a leftover cushion insert floating around…… so I decided to combine the two! It all happened by accident really. Quite amazingly, the cushion insert fitted absolutely perfectly into the tea towel. Meant to be!  
This project was very easy. I placed the cushion on the tea towel’s wrong side, wrapped the tea towel around the cushion to make the cover and then pinned it.

Then I simply sewed up the sides. I just hand sewed it quickly - no turning out to the right side or anything… it’s all already done!

And then I gave it its pride of place on one of the beds in our cottage. Much better than using the tea towel in the kitchen!

I’ve also previously used tea towels to make pictures and you can see them here.

Happy sewing!


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Vintage Playing Cards Art

Creative Ideas/Artwork:

Don't you find that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best?

On holidays at Brunswick Heads late last year I bought a pack of the coolest vintage playing cards from Fabulous Mrs Fox. It's a lovely little shop filled with the most exciting things. Take a look if you are ever in town. 

I had many an idea on what I could do with these cards and I'm sure you will see them in another post sometime but to start I thought I would just use them as art in their own right!

I framed two of the cards by simply securing them to the back of a piece of white paper with blu-tac and hung it in Thom's room. 

So if you are looking for cheap ways to create some art in your home - take a look around you - the simplest things really can make the greatest ideas.

Caity x

Monday, 4 June 2012

Simple Orange Bottles Painting


This painting on canvas project is really very easy and it looks so nice and modern. Last year I did a couple of other paintings in a similar simple style (see them here and here) … and so I thought I’d try another one!

Use whatever colour takes your fancy to paint the background of your canvas - I felt like something bright and orange as there’ll be a long grey winter ahead! Then choose a contrasting colour and paint something simple.

You could try a cup, a jug, a chair…. whatever you can think of. Don’t worry if the drawing’s not perfect. The only challenge with this project is to ensure that you keep your painting simple. I wanted to add more to my bottles, for example, but I made myself stop!

It’s the uncluttered style that gives it a modern and striking look.

Happy painting!