Monday, 25 June 2012

Retro Building Blocks Canvas


This painting design all started with my children’s building blocks! I chose a background colour of charcoal (the colour is Dulux Grid), and painted the canvas with a couple of coats.

Then I got the building blocks and started printing with them by dipping them in white paint – I printed in a haphazard but ordered way – much the same way I’d hang a group of pictures together on a wall.

The design then went from there! I joined up some of the blocks, added some squares of cardboard, then painted an outline of some of the squares.

Then I added some cut-out squares of material to complete the canvas… and it ended up looking quite retro to me, like an old lino design or something.

Anyway, it looks great up on my wall and I’m very pleased with it! I might use the building blocks again soon for another design.

Happy making!


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