Thursday, 7 June 2012

Vintage Playing Cards Art

Creative Ideas/Artwork:

Don't you find that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best?

On holidays at Brunswick Heads late last year I bought a pack of the coolest vintage playing cards from Fabulous Mrs Fox. It's a lovely little shop filled with the most exciting things. Take a look if you are ever in town. 

I had many an idea on what I could do with these cards and I'm sure you will see them in another post sometime but to start I thought I would just use them as art in their own right!

I framed two of the cards by simply securing them to the back of a piece of white paper with blu-tac and hung it in Thom's room. 

So if you are looking for cheap ways to create some art in your home - take a look around you - the simplest things really can make the greatest ideas.

Caity x

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  1. Love this! I love me a retro nautical motif...could you imagine that motif printed all over a dress or skirt?