Thursday, 5 July 2012

Make Your Own Batman T-Shirt & Other Printing Ideas


Thom has just recently turned 3. And it seems that turning 3 means he has also moved to the age of super heroes. Around our house at the moment everything is batman this, spider man that, not to mention superman!

I thought I would have a go at making a batman top for him to embrace this latest super hero love.

I bought some freezer paper a while ago, you can get it here in Australia from Spotlight (it's behind the counter so just ask for it there and you can buy it by the meter).

This project was so simple and I enjoyed it so much I made a few other things (see end of post).

If you want to try it here are my simple instructions so you can make one too!

1. Choose the image you want to print and trace onto the non-shiny side of the freezer paper.

2. Carefully cut out the shape (remember you want the outline and not the centre - see photo). Position the image on your fabric (shiny side down) and iron for 20-30 seconds with a iron until the freezer paper is completely secured to the fabric.

3. Now comes the fun part - painting!!! Depending what you are proposing to use the final image for will depend what sort of paint you could get away with - if its an item of clothing, or anything you intend to wash i would recommend buying proper fabric paint. As I was painting my image onto a stretch fabric fleecy top I bought a paint that was also stretchable.
TIP: Before you start though lay a piece of plastic between the top. This will ensure if any paint sinks through the fabric it doesn't ruin your clothing by sticking the layers together. You can use cardboard or paper, but plastic will be easier to peel off if any does leak through.

4. Once you have painted your image, let it dry in accordance with the paint instructions. To get a great cover over the dark navy fleece I had to paint 3 coats of the silver. But it's worth it for the great result!

5. Once you are happy with the intensity of the colour and the paint is completely dry gently peel away the freezer paper. Make sure you do this nice and slowly just to ensure you don't pick up any of your image while you go......and ta da it's done!

Hope you enjoyed this idea and have a look at a couple other fun images i had a go at making....

A little hot pink bunny rabbit.

Hot pink and gold hearts.....yummy!

Caity x


  1. How did I miss this! these are awesome Caity! x

  2. good job,you are great,it looks so cute,I like the batman hoodie.