Monday, 16 July 2012

Simple Blue and White Hanging Mobile


This is yet another one of my hanging mobiles made out of cardboard, material, glue, string and sticky tape! I just love them - they’re so easy to make, and they look so good hanging up!

This style of mobile would look lovely hanging inside a front entrance. It’s double-sided too, so it can be hung from the ceiling and it will turn around and display all the different materials you have used. What a nice welcome for your visitors!

I made this one using exactly the same methods as per my Pretty- in-Pastels Easter Egg Mobile – the only difference is that I drew random circular shapes instead of egg shapes on the cardboard, and I threaded a few buttons at the bottom of the mobile to give it a nice finish (and a little bit of weight).

My Simple Blue and White Hanging Mobile is now on its way to the UK to a friend’s newly purchased home.

Happy making!


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