Thursday, 30 August 2012

Simple Pretty T-shirts for Under $5


I'm trying to be a bit more budget conscious these days but a girl still wants to look good so I thought I might pretty up a few simple t-shirts I recently bought.

These t-shirts were $4 each from Big W.

I made 3 different styles - bows, lace and heart applique.... each one is very simple and will only take you about 30mins.

Bow t-shirt
1. To make the bows I cut a strip of fabric 1" x 15" long folded it in half and sewed down one side.

2. Turn the tube in half iron flat (with the seam in the middle).

3. Cut tube into 2 equal strips 6.5" each and 2 smaller strips of 1" each.

4. Fold the end of each long strip to the centre and secure with a couple simple stitches.

5. Fold 1" strip over the centre of the long strip and pinch together to form a bow and secure at the back with another couple stitches. 

6. Attach each bow to the side of the sleeve of your t-shirt with a couple of stitches and you're finished.

Lace t-shirt

1. Find some lace you like (it needs to be a little longer than the length of the centre front of your t-shirt). 

2. Lay the lace right side up, down the centre front of your t-shirt and pin (making sure you don't pin the back of the t-shirt too!).

3. Depending on the width of your lace, sew down either side of the lace to secure it to the t-shirt with a little over lap at the top and bottom of to make it nice and tidy and you've prettied up 2 t-shirts in no time.

Applique Heart t-shirt

1. Dig into that scrap bag of fabrics and find a piece of fabric suitable size to cut out a heart. Really it can be any size you want and if you want to draw your heart my hand or use a template it's really up to you!.

2. Iron the fabric scrap onto a piece of heat n bond the same size as the fabric.

3. Draw the heart on the heat n bond and cut out.

4. Place heart where you like on your t-shirt and secure with a hot iron.

5. If you don't have a sewing machine you could either stitch a button hole around the outside of the heart or even a straight stitch (if you decide to do this I recommend only hand washing your t-shirt as the stitching does get ratty). Otherwise you can use your sewing machine on a zig zag, satin or straight stitch to secure the edge of the heart and you're finished.

Three great t-shirts for under $5 each and really no cost at all if you use existing t-shirts and what you have in your cupboard!

Great gift idea for your friends!

Caity x

Monday, 27 August 2012

Wooden Fish Wall Hangings using Old Curtain Fittings


These fishy pictures are another project to come out of the original bag of second-hand curtain fittings that I was given a few weeks ago. It has been really fun to think of how to use all the bits!

This is how the bits looked before I decided that they looked like seaweed and fish and painted them!

And it was a really easy project too! To make the base of the pictures, I simply purchased a long piece of pine from Bunnings for about $12 and cut them up using a handsaw.

If you look closely you can see that I did a pretty rough job…. but who cares? It all adds to the look! I also added a picture hanging bit at the back of each piece of wood before I stuck anything on (just in case it was going to be difficult to do afterwards because of the chunky nature of the picture).

Then I painted the background using a lovely bright blue called Dulux Midnight Sea. The seaweed is done in Taubmans Grass Court, and the fish are in a colour called Dulux Bright Delight.

I decided to put a small piece of a cut-out paint sample card behind each fish to give it a bit more shape. I also used some more of the paint-sample card to make the air bubbles for the fish. And then I simply stuck all the bits on with Liquid Nails!

Happy making!


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Make Your Own Pin Board


This week I finally got around to 'remaking' my old cork board into a modern pin board for my sewing room. 

This is what my old cork board looked like...not exactly amazing is it? It fell off the wall one night and one of the timber sides broke off and I then banished it to the garage. 

But I was at spotlight and found a lovely dark grey wool felt that was on sale and bought the last of the bolt (just over 70cm) for around $6.

So I attached it over the top of the cork board and attached it using a staple gun.

Next I laid it in a crisscross pattern using a white bias tape across the board attaching each point with a tack. To make sure I got the tape straight I laid it out against my ruler as I attached it and it made it really simple.

I haven't hung it on the wall yet - but it's working pretty well just leaning up behind my work table.

Caity x

Monday, 20 August 2012

Make an Art Piece using Second-Hand Curtain Rings


Last week a friend of mine was clearing out one of her cupboards and found a bag of second hand curtain fittings that she’d purchased for $3 from an op shop. She very kindly gave the bag to me to do something with (thanks Donna!!)

So I made this Art Piece out of the old curtain rings!
I just used a piece of good-quality plywood that I had lying around, and glued the rings on with Liquid Nails. I worked out the placement of the rings first, and then glued each one. If you were trying something similar, just make sure that the balance of any darker (or even coloured would be nice) rings is even and works well with the rest of the placement of your curtain rings. 

Although the design is simple, it looks very effective hanging up. It is quite similar to my Cup Circles Painting. I’ve currently got it hanging on the exterior of my house near an eating area – this art piece is nice and hardy so it will be fine outside under the verandah.

And I’ve got some more projects to come out of that same bag of second hand curtain fittings! Watch this space!

Happy making!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pretty Painted Coat Hangers


Looking for a simple way to  update your wardrobe (without buying new clothes)?... These are really simple to make and you can just use existing timber hangers from your wardrobe and any leftover paint you have lying around.

For my coat hangers I used some leftover blue paint from when I updated an old vintage chair and the yellow is from a repaint of my bathroom, it's called Happy by Dulux.

So here are the basic steps for you to make your own:

1. Choose your base colour and paint with a single coat and hang up (preferably outside to save your floor from any drips). If the colour isn't strong enough or giving enough coverage, paint another coat and leave to dry. I painted 3 coats for each of my hangers to make sure the bright colours really came through.

2. Once dry, choose a contrasting colour and dab random spots all over the hangers. I used a very small bristle brush to do this, but you could use a cotton bud if you don't have a small paint brush. Make sure you spread the spots evenly over the coat hangers to get a nice balanced look. Then hang and leave to dry.

3. Once the spot layer has dried, you can paint a clear varnish over the paint which will help protect both the hangers and your clothes and give them a lovely sheen!

These Pretty Painted Coat Hangers would make a great present too!

X Caity

Monday, 13 August 2012

Large and Small Letters for Children’s Bedrooms


I love putting together presents for new little babies! For this little girl, I wanted to send some letters to put up in her bedroom on the wall, or on her bedroom door.

I have done quite a few posts before about lettering for children’s rooms, (see my lettering ideas for doors, mobiles and toys) but this time I wanted to do something a little different.
So I purchased some large and small wooden letters from Spotlight and used them together in the same name. I think it gives the name a nice disorderly-but-balanced look!

Note that for some very annoying reason, Blogger keeps deciding that the orientation of this photo should be this way, which is of course the wrong way! Aaarrrrgggghhh!! But it gives you an idea of what the letters look like!
I simply painted each letter in a different colour and I used colours that came straight out of the tubes. I purchased Reeves acrylic paint and the colours I used were: rose red, pale powder blue and lime yellow… and don’t they look lovely together?

The letters can be attached to the wall or door with blu-tac. Easy!

Happy making!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Simple Hexagon Zippy Bag


Delving into my scrap bag this week I was wondering what I could possibly make from what I already had in my cupboard. As much as I love to shop, sometimes I surprise myself and come up with far more exciting ideas when I challenge myself to use only things I already have.

I love all the hexagon quilts around at the moment and as a distraction to finishing my own hexagon quilt I thought I might make up some small hexagons from my scrap box. 

These cute little hexagons measure 1 inch wide.

Sewing all these hexagons was a great project while watching the tv. For the main body of the bag I used a great natural linen I had for ages and used for quite a few of my projects over the last year or so - my 'little bit of love' cushion and 'Family of Birds' cushion. It's a great colour that really makes the bright hexagons pop.

Once I had sewn the hexagons onto the linen I added a bit more excitement with a couple rows of simple backstitch down either side and chose a bright green zipper to complement the greens in the hexagons.

Granted the sewing of the hexagons made this project take a couple nights of casual sewing, but I didn't have to buy a thing and I really enjoyed the hand sewing. 

This bag is going to a good home - my good friend Lissy who's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks - I hope she likes it!!!

Caity x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sew Away the Skateheads and Surfies on Children’s Clothes


I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like all the “streetwear” stuff that’s often all over children’s clothes. It can be very hard to find clothing for older children without it, especially if you’re shopping on a budget (as I always am!)

After doing some clothes shopping at BigW the other day, it occurred to me that I should choose items that had designs on them that I could easily cover up, or “sew away”!

This jumper was one such item. It’s a lovely colour, and a simple circle sewn onto the front was sufficient to rid the jumper of its “streetwear” look.

I simply measured and cut the material for the circular patch using a bowl.

Then I ironed in the edges of the circle and pinned it onto the jumper.

Then I sewed it! And that was it! Now the jumper has a totally different look and I would be quite happy to see my children in it!

Happy sewing!


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bear and Pup Soft Toys


I finally got around to making some new soft toys this past weekend. These are simple little toys you could make as a great gift for a little one - you can make them geared for a boy or girl just by choosing the base fabric. 

The differences between Bear and Pup are the placement of their ears and also the length of their legs - Bear has short legs and Pup has longer legs. 

I hand appliqu├ęd their faces and for the eyes I used small buttons I already had in my collection of 'extras' from clothes I have collected over the years.

The paws are simply a little back stitch.

Happy creating!

Caity x