Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pretty Painted Coat Hangers


Looking for a simple way to  update your wardrobe (without buying new clothes)?... These are really simple to make and you can just use existing timber hangers from your wardrobe and any leftover paint you have lying around.

For my coat hangers I used some leftover blue paint from when I updated an old vintage chair and the yellow is from a repaint of my bathroom, it's called Happy by Dulux.

So here are the basic steps for you to make your own:

1. Choose your base colour and paint with a single coat and hang up (preferably outside to save your floor from any drips). If the colour isn't strong enough or giving enough coverage, paint another coat and leave to dry. I painted 3 coats for each of my hangers to make sure the bright colours really came through.

2. Once dry, choose a contrasting colour and dab random spots all over the hangers. I used a very small bristle brush to do this, but you could use a cotton bud if you don't have a small paint brush. Make sure you spread the spots evenly over the coat hangers to get a nice balanced look. Then hang and leave to dry.

3. Once the spot layer has dried, you can paint a clear varnish over the paint which will help protect both the hangers and your clothes and give them a lovely sheen!

These Pretty Painted Coat Hangers would make a great present too!

X Caity

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a clever idea! I definitely have to do this soon! xx