Monday, 27 August 2012

Wooden Fish Wall Hangings using Old Curtain Fittings


These fishy pictures are another project to come out of the original bag of second-hand curtain fittings that I was given a few weeks ago. It has been really fun to think of how to use all the bits!

This is how the bits looked before I decided that they looked like seaweed and fish and painted them!

And it was a really easy project too! To make the base of the pictures, I simply purchased a long piece of pine from Bunnings for about $12 and cut them up using a handsaw.

If you look closely you can see that I did a pretty rough job…. but who cares? It all adds to the look! I also added a picture hanging bit at the back of each piece of wood before I stuck anything on (just in case it was going to be difficult to do afterwards because of the chunky nature of the picture).

Then I painted the background using a lovely bright blue called Dulux Midnight Sea. The seaweed is done in Taubmans Grass Court, and the fish are in a colour called Dulux Bright Delight.

I decided to put a small piece of a cut-out paint sample card behind each fish to give it a bit more shape. I also used some more of the paint-sample card to make the air bubbles for the fish. And then I simply stuck all the bits on with Liquid Nails!

Happy making!


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