Thursday, 27 September 2012

Little Yellow Ducky


Here is another great baby gift you can make using scrap fabrics you have in your cupboard! I love making baby gifts – this one isn’t for anyone special – I just couldn’t resist making it!

To make this ducky, simply draft up a basic body of the duck then the legs and cut 2 of the body and 4 of the legs. 

Pin fabric right sides together and sew with a ¼” seam leaving a gap at the bottom on duck to attach the legs to. Clip around the curves and turn through.

Pin each of the leg pieces together and sew with a ¼” seam, making sure you leave the tops open so you can stuff the legs. Clip around the curves and turn through.

Now you can stuff the body and the legs of the duck as firm or soft as you like. Once this is done you can position the legs on the duck body and pin to secure while you do a simple slip stitch to close the hole.

Finish off with a button for the eye and a nice bright ribbon around the neck. You can also add your own touch by adding some wings.

And there you go - another simple baby gift you can make in next to no time with what you already have at home.

Happy sewing

Caity x

Monday, 24 September 2012

Two Easy-to-Make Gifts for Children: A Painted Drawing and Pencil Holder


We are going to a birthday party this morning for a little boy who’s turning 4. I wanted to give him something that was personalised, yet didn’t take me too much time to make!

So I decided to make him a little tin-can pencil holder (I purchased the pencils of course!) and a little train painting on canvas to give him inspirations for his future scribbling! The baked bean tin that I used for the pencil holder looks really nice and is VERY simple to do. Read here to see how to easily make the pencil holder with a bit of spray glue and material.

And as we all know, children’s artwork is one of the happiest and loveliest thing in the world! Therefore I “stole” one of my daughter’s drawings and used that for the train.

Firstly, I enlarged the drawing on my laser printer/photocopier.
The drawing itself looked like this (below, already enlarged), and was originally quite small.

It is very cutely named “Mummy driving a train”. !! I then traced the part of it that I wanted to use!  (i.e. I took “Mummy” off the drawing!) Sorry about the orientation of these photos, it's blogger's fault!

I then turned the tracing paper over and traced over the lines again. This was so that the train was facing the way I wanted it to on the canvas.

Then I simply placed it on the canvas, traced again, and then painted it.

I used Dulux Eagle Feather for the brown, and Haymes Red Geranium for the red. I did paint some white in the middle using a little leftover tin of Dulux Natural White.

There are absolutely ENDLESS options for this project. An arrangement of lovely little (or big!) painted drawings would just look SO good in any room… and you can just do them in the colours that you want to have in the room! I think I'm also going to do something similar on a t-shirt soon for my little boy.

I’m sure our little friend will love his new presents!

Happy making!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Scrappy Simple Pin Cushions


I realised over the weekend I don’t own a single pin cushion – I have needle cases, tins full of pins and snap lock bags full of pins but don't posses a single pin cushion. 

How had this escaped me? 

A perfect reason to make myself some and use up more scraps I thought!

I pulled out some of the cut-offs I had from my made in cherry quilt

I made up 3 sizes in a simple 4 patch pattern and backed them with the sweetest aqua spot flannel I had left over from Thom's Baby-in-the-hood jacket (except for the largest one) – the smallest measuring just 4cm squared and the largest 8cm squared.

I even stuffed them with leftover cut-offs of wadding from my quilts. To make them nice and firm I secured the centre of each pin cushion with a button.

These are just so cute – easy to make and make a great little present for anyone you know who loves to sew!

Happy sewing!

Caity x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Kiwi Fruit in Retro Painting


I've been eating lots more fruit lately, and it has led to another painting! This design was based on some of my previous paintings of bright and bold fruit outlines (see my pear painting and apple painting).

I liked the pattern that a cut kiwi fruit made, so I simplified it and turned it into a minimal design. The green paint is Taubmans Grass Court, and the lovely grey was a mixture of Dulux Grid and some white.

After drawing in the kiwi fruit outlines, I painted in the background, the green and the centre of the kiwi fruit.

I then finished off the design with outlines in black paint. I actually thought that this pattern would look quite nice as material too.

Happy making!


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Square in a Square Painting


I have been needing a new painting above my bed for a while now – the empty space has been bothering me but I just haven’t been able to find anything I like (in my price range)…

So this weekend I thought I might take a leaf out of Em's book and do my own painting.

This painting was super simple and was inspired by a print I had seen at Freedom a couple months back. I bought the canvas at a local discount shop for $20 and for the paint I just bought sample pots in 2 colour shades and mixed the third.

To achieve nice neat edges, I used painter's tape. It was a very simple project to do and now my room looks lovely with my new painting hanging above my bed.

Caity x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Clip Art Botanical Prints


Don’t you just love the look of pretty botanical prints? I made these for next-to-nothing using Clip Art and some clip frames, the ones that come with mounts. I purchased these frames at a bargain shop, but I can't remember which one!

This is yet another very easy and quick project. Firstly, I selected two botanical pictures that I liked from Clip Art. Then I simply printed them on a standard laser printer.

The mounts on the frames were actually black, so to get the look I was after (soft and white!), I simply turned the mounts over. They were a little discoloured in spots, but that just added to the look of the picture!

Then I put the prints in, and clipped up the sides of the frame. I’ve got two hanging together and they look so pretty.

Happy making!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Make Your Own Reusable Carry Bag


I try as much as I can to always have a reusable carry bag on me when I do my shopping – but these great bags pack down into such a small space it means you can always make sure you have one or more in your handbag!

You can make these bags in a variety of sizes just by increasing or reducing the width and lengths – I’d say my bags are a medium size. The dimensions for this bag are roughly 18" wide by 22" in height for the body of the bag, plus add whatever strap length you like, mine are 10" long.

So far I’ve only managed to make up 2 bags – but I think I might need to pick myself up some more pretty voiles over the weekend and make some more!

Caity x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Rustic Poplar-Stick Wall Hanging


I made this Stick Wall Hanging some time ago, but have used it over and over again. I originally made it because I wanted something to decorate my walls that looked really modern and rustic, yet wasn’t going to cost me anything. 

It re-surfaced the other day because I was fishing around for something to put up on a wall in our spare cottage. And it looks fantastic on a white wall!

This is a really easy project and you can’t go wrong with any of it! I just collected some dead sticks from a poplar tree (usually they’re nice and straight-ish and long), and did a rough arrangement with them, lying them on the ground. Then I got out my tie-wire and wound it around them so they stayed in place.
I added some more wire for a hanger, and then put it up!
You can sort of arrange the sticks once it’s on the wall too. Anything looks good, so don’t worry about getting the sticks to look “perfect”.

Happy making!