Thursday, 6 September 2012

Make Your Own Reusable Carry Bag


I try as much as I can to always have a reusable carry bag on me when I do my shopping – but these great bags pack down into such a small space it means you can always make sure you have one or more in your handbag!

You can make these bags in a variety of sizes just by increasing or reducing the width and lengths – I’d say my bags are a medium size. The dimensions for this bag are roughly 18" wide by 22" in height for the body of the bag, plus add whatever strap length you like, mine are 10" long.

So far I’ve only managed to make up 2 bags – but I think I might need to pick myself up some more pretty voiles over the weekend and make some more!

Caity x

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  1. These are great Caity! makes me want to make one and go market shopping….