Monday, 3 September 2012

Rustic Poplar-Stick Wall Hanging


I made this Stick Wall Hanging some time ago, but have used it over and over again. I originally made it because I wanted something to decorate my walls that looked really modern and rustic, yet wasn’t going to cost me anything. 

It re-surfaced the other day because I was fishing around for something to put up on a wall in our spare cottage. And it looks fantastic on a white wall!

This is a really easy project and you can’t go wrong with any of it! I just collected some dead sticks from a poplar tree (usually they’re nice and straight-ish and long), and did a rough arrangement with them, lying them on the ground. Then I got out my tie-wire and wound it around them so they stayed in place.
I added some more wire for a hanger, and then put it up!
You can sort of arrange the sticks once it’s on the wall too. Anything looks good, so don’t worry about getting the sticks to look “perfect”.

Happy making!

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