Monday, 24 September 2012

Two Easy-to-Make Gifts for Children: A Painted Drawing and Pencil Holder


We are going to a birthday party this morning for a little boy who’s turning 4. I wanted to give him something that was personalised, yet didn’t take me too much time to make!

So I decided to make him a little tin-can pencil holder (I purchased the pencils of course!) and a little train painting on canvas to give him inspirations for his future scribbling! The baked bean tin that I used for the pencil holder looks really nice and is VERY simple to do. Read here to see how to easily make the pencil holder with a bit of spray glue and material.

And as we all know, children’s artwork is one of the happiest and loveliest thing in the world! Therefore I “stole” one of my daughter’s drawings and used that for the train.

Firstly, I enlarged the drawing on my laser printer/photocopier.
The drawing itself looked like this (below, already enlarged), and was originally quite small.

It is very cutely named “Mummy driving a train”. !! I then traced the part of it that I wanted to use!  (i.e. I took “Mummy” off the drawing!) Sorry about the orientation of these photos, it's blogger's fault!

I then turned the tracing paper over and traced over the lines again. This was so that the train was facing the way I wanted it to on the canvas.

Then I simply placed it on the canvas, traced again, and then painted it.

I used Dulux Eagle Feather for the brown, and Haymes Red Geranium for the red. I did paint some white in the middle using a little leftover tin of Dulux Natural White.

There are absolutely ENDLESS options for this project. An arrangement of lovely little (or big!) painted drawings would just look SO good in any room… and you can just do them in the colours that you want to have in the room! I think I'm also going to do something similar on a t-shirt soon for my little boy.

I’m sure our little friend will love his new presents!

Happy making!


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