Thursday, 25 October 2012

Red Toile Quilt


This week I finally managed to finish my part of my mum's 60th birthday quilt. It's a lovely french red toile print on a light weight linen, which I hope my mum will love!

I would be so incredibly impressed with myself except for the fact it was actually mum's 60th birthday LAST November!!! Yes, it's taken a while - lots of procrastinating on my behalf and for some crazy reason, a weekend of 32 degree heat for me to sit down and finish the quilting.

My aunty and I are making this quilt together - my role was the quilting and my auntie's is all the piecing, so this quilt is now off to my auntie's for its binding, but I thought I'd show you before then just in case I don't get a photo of the finished product!

Caity x


  1. The quilt is lovely - your hand quilting is absolute perfection!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, love those scalloped edges. It'll be well worth waiting for. Can't wait to see what's next on you're quilt to do list!

  3. Totally love this Catherine. Your hand quilting is fabulous. Hope all is well with you. X