Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wrapping Paper Art


I'm in the process of slowly doing up my 1960s house. It's taking a while, but I'm really enjoying doing a lot of it myself. 

One challenge that has been difficult though is finding art for my walls at an affordable price. I've bought a few things off etsy, made a few things myself and been lucky enough to already have a few great pieces. 

But I had one wall on the landing, outside all the bedrooms I just couldn't find the right piece for. Then, about 4 months ago I was out browsing the shops with friends and found the most lovely wrapping paper - and I had a brilliant idea - why don't I just frame the wrapping paper as my 'art'.

I mean, it's so lovely, it's cheap and really, if I get sick of it it's only going to cost me another $5 for more wrapping paper and I can just change it over!!!!

The frame is from ikea and it's a perspex sheet instead of glass, which I think I prefer - it makes the frame so much lighter to hang and also means if it were to fall off the wall then there won't be a major disaster to clean up!

Happy creating!

Caity x

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