Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Medicine-Bottle Vases


I spend a lot of my time at my kitchen sink, as I’m sure all of you do! While I was there the other day, I was thinking that it would be nice to have a small-scale Christmas decoration to put on the window right in front of my sink, so that I’d see it all day!

I usually have a small geranium cutting in an old-fashioned glass bottle sitting on my window in the kitchen… so I thought I’d work with that theme and I came up with these Christmas Medicine-Bottle Vases!

This project was very easy and relatively quick too. Firstly I chose three sizes from my collection of medicine bottles that I have been saving for some time. I’m concerned that soon all medicine will come in plastic bottles so I’m keeping all the glass I can get my hands on!

Then I painted each of the bottles a different colour. I just used leftover house paint colours that I already had. The white is Dulux Natural White, the brown is Dulux Rolling Pebble and the red is a Haymes paint called Geranium.

I didn’t worry about any undercoats or anything on the bottles – I just did about four coats on each.

I discovered that it is very easy to rest something on non-stick baking paper, especially when you have to paint the top and bottom of something.

Then I chose something to paint on them. I wanted them to look a bit Scandinavian, so I used some designs out of this book: Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs.

It’s a lovely book and continues to give me loads of ideas… and I’ve not sewed anything out of it yet! I ended up painting a tree, wreath and snowflake design on my bottles.

Then, once the bottles were completely dry,  I filled them with water and put a sprig of box hedge in each to complete the Christmas look. And now it’s very nice to see them 470 times a day when I’m at my kitchen sink!

Of course you could put these vases anywhere you wanted – they don’t have to go on a window sill. They look lovely next to a bed too. And you could do them in any colour, any design… there are lots of options.

Last year I made another Christmas decoration that is ideal for use in a small space – you may like to check it out - it’s my really easy Mini Christmas Mobile.

Happy making!


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  1. awesome work i'm thinking what to do with this levox bottle iv which i've got as a souvenir from my previous work