Monday, 26 November 2012

Decorative Christmas Panels Using Cookie Cutters


These Christmas Panels were really quick and easy! I used some (more!) leftover plywood that I had (each panel is approx. 12.5cm x 17cm), and four different ‘festive-looking’ cookie cutter shapes. These designs would also look lovely on some small canvases.

I simply traced the shape onto the wood. I traced the outside of the shape (as opposed to tracing from the inside), so that the shape would be as big as possible.

Then I just painted around each shape. I like the rustic look the paint gets, when it’s painted straight onto the rough wood, no undercoat or anything.

I actually used a small brush so that I’d only have to do one coat. The colours I used were ones that I already had in the cupboard: Taubmans Grass Court (green), Dulux Grid (charcoal), Dulux Red Alert (red) and Dulux Odgen Melon (yellow). I didn't paint the sides of the plywood.

You could hang them up any way you like – I just used blutak for mine, and they also look great simply leaning up above a mantelpiece or shelf.

Happy making!


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