Thursday, 29 November 2012

Simple Sparkly Christmas Letters


I am totally loving sparkly things this year - glitter all the way I say! So when I came across some large mdf letters at my local Spotlight I couldn't resist sparkling them up a bit!

My original idea was to cover them with glitter but when I looked at the cost of a jar of glitter ($8!!) I decided that was just instead I found some great glitter scrap book paper - a lot cheaper, easier and cleaner.

To spell out the word 'noel' I bought 2 pieces of scrap booking paper (lay out the letters on your paper to make sure you have enough!

Next I gave the letters a coat of white paint. 

Next trace and cut out each of your letters from the glitter paper. Make sure you trace them on the wrong side of the paper AND that the letter is mirror image so when you cut it out the glittery side is the right way around (I traced out the first letters backwards...I swear I do this every time!)

Cover each of the letters (facing right way up) with a good coat of craft glue. Place the glitter cut out letter neatly over the mdf letter, press down firmly and leave to dry (I found securing the edges with some pegs kept the edges really flat).

Once the letters are completely dry, display your sparkly Christmas words anywhere you want!

Happy Crafting!

Caity x

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  1. What a cool idea! I'd love to try my hand at making some. :)