Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fabric Wrapped Wire Heart


This has to be one of the simplest and cheapest projects I have done for a while. I had an old coat hanger in my cupboard that was pretty bent out of shape and I had thought of using it for a Christmas wreath. But seeing as I had just made my simple fairy light wreath I came up with this idea instead.

To make this fabric wrapped wire heart you need the following:
  • Strips of scrap fabric (I used red gingham I had sitting in the cupboard) but you could use a mix of scraps which would look great.
  • Wire coat hanger
To make this heart all you need to do is bend the coat hanger into the shape of a heart (they are pretty easy to manipulate.

Start wrapping the fabric around. Wrap it pretty tightly and just keep adding more strips until you have covered the entire heart.  

Secure with either a dab of strong craft glue or a couple basic stitches (I stitched mine to make sure it was really secure.

Hang on your wall (I hung a sweet Christmas bird decoration I made last year in the middle of mine).

You could also add a lovely bow to the top.

Happy crafting!

Caity x

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