Monday, 21 January 2013

Painted Avocado Packaging Design


The idea for this DIY artwork came to me one day after I’d been grocery shopping and purchased some avocadoes. I bought a pair of them, and they came in some lovely charcoal-coloured, moulded cardboard packaging. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it but it was something like this…
I immediately noted down my idea in a quick drawing.

Then I used a piece of good-quality plywood purchased from Bunnings (because I just love plywood at the moment), and roughly drew the design onto it.

I knew the sorts of colours I wanted to use: Grid, Ogen Yellow and Bright Delight (all Dulux), and basically I just started painting!

Once I’d finished with the colours, I knew that there was still something missing from the design. So I got out my permanent marker and drew a few extra design bits on with it!

I’m donating this painting to a local charity organisation to use as part of their upcoming fundraising event. I hope whoever ends up with it likes it on their wall.

Next time you’re grocery shopping, see if you can find a design tucked away somewhere!

Happy painting!


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