Thursday, 14 March 2013

Simple Tassel Keyring


We are on holidays at the moment and I purposely didn't pack my sewing machine OR much sewing at all - I thought it would force me to have a really good break.

But I still wanted to post some simple things and really prove to myself that you don't need to have much at home to be able to make some great things.

We made a trip to Spotlight and found some really cute satin crochet threads which I thought might make cute tassels.

So I bought two 50g balls - one Ombre Blue and the other, Sweet Pea.

This is my key ring at the moment - rather uninspiring isn't it!

Wrap the thread around a thick piece or card the length you want the tassel to be - I used a drink coaster for mine.

Next, slip a thread through the top and tie it securely before cutting through the other end.

Next wrap a contrasting thread around the tassel and secure with a tiny knot that can easily be hidden under the body of the tassel.

Here's another little one I made for my spare key!

Happy crafting!

Caity x

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